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Flight Operations Command Portal

Eliminate all paper and logbooks with the Command Portal, showing real time Drone operations.


Drone Management

The overview dashboard allows you to plan, record and maintain your Drone. Select from different templates to keep your maintenance and checklists all in one place.


Drone Maintenance

Pick from manufacturer recommended schedules and add your own maintenance plans whilst managing your current repairs and future scheduled work.


Airspace Intelligence

Check weather, flight restrictions and current airspace details in your area.


Mission Planning

Plan your mission in one simple interface. Assign crew, aircraft, and carry out your operational flight checks.


Awesome app features

Choose from a diverse range of flight functions to start tracking your flight operations more safely and efficiently.

Flight operations management

Access the tailored Drone Flight Operations Command Portal to begin planning and assessing your flight in real time. Check the weather, create your flight and assign your team, carry out safety procedures and perform both pre-flight and post-flight checklists

Flight data logging and reporting

Autonomous flight log syncing and analysis within the Command Portal. Compile and customize your reporting compliant with national regulations.

Asset management

Create and maintain all flight records including aircraft details and maintenance monitoring.

Simplified workflow

With live sync, mission details are updated on pilot devices in real-time. The app working as the pilot’s assistant, allowing the pilot to focus on the flight in hand.

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“ “During Drone Flight Essentials, John imparted some truly valuable insights based on his own extensive operational experience. I learned a lot during the course and feel much more confident in my practical understanding of how to safely operate drones now.””
Daniel Levine, Owner and CEO