Drone Inspections & Data Capture

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of Drones, quickly, and without dealing with complicated regulations. 

Let our remote pilots take the pictures, capture the video, and obtain the data for you.

Infrastructure Inspections

Are you frustrated with unplanned maintenance and site shutdowns impacting your operation?

Proactively determine the condition of aging infrastructure by using drones to access difficult-to-reach locations, and gather the data you need both safely and efficiently.

Or, use periodic scans to help assess the rate at which it’s deteriorating.

Types of Inspection: Petrochemical Structures, Bridge, Building, Dam, Distribution Network, Telecom, Pipeline, Right-of-Way, Solar Farm, Tower, Transmission & Distribution Lines, Wind Farm, and more.

Data: 3D Point Cloud, LiDAR, Mapping, Raw Images & Video, Thermal

Mapping & Surveys

Are you concerned that you don’t have accurate maps of your sites? Or that you don’t know what surprises a new site has in store?

Combine geographic information with remote sensing to gather the most accurate site surveys and maps – often within the centimeter.

Types of Survey: Airport, Building, Land, Roof, Topographical

Data: 3D Point Cloud, Digital Surface Models,  Digital Terrain Models, LiDAR, Raw Images & Video, Thermal

Methane Detection

Are you worried about fugitive methane emissions, but know how impractical it is to walk every mile of pipeline?

Find precise methane leak locations in real-time, whether it’s along a pipeline, processing location, storage facility, or in a waste management facility.

Data: Amount of Methane Leaking (PPM), Leak Location 

Digital Twins

Are you in the United Kingdom? If so, digital asset management is a requirement. Read more about it here.

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