Drone Services & Applications

Get the data and content you need without the hassle. Let our remote pilots take the pictures, capture the video, and obtain the data for you.

Drone Services - Digital Asset Modeling

Digital Asset Modeling

Are you in the United Kingdom? If so, digital asset management is a requirement. Read more about it here.

Consortiq drone cell tower inspection

Infrastructure Inspections

Determine the condition of aging infrastructure by using drones to access difficult-to-reach locations, and gather the data you need both safely and efficiently.

Or, use periodic scans to help asses the rate at which it’s deteriorating.

Types of Inspection: Petrochemical Structures, Bridge, Building, Dam, Distribution Network, Telecom, Pipeline, Right-of-Way, Solar Farm, Tower, Transmission & Distribution Lines, Wind Farm, and more.

Data: 3D Point Cloud, LiDAR, Mapping, Raw Images & Video, Thermal

drone volumetric surveys - Consortiq

Mapping & Surveys

Combine geographic information with remote sensing to gather the most accurate site surveys and maps – often within the centimeter.

Types of Survey: Airport, Building, Land, Roof, Topographical

Data: 3D Point Cloud, Digital Surface Models,  Digital Terrain Models, LiDAR, Raw Images & Video, Thermal

Drone services - aerial methane inspection

Methane Detection

Find precise methane leak locations in real-time, whether it’s along a pipeline, processing location, storage facility, or in a waste management facility.

Data: Amount of Methane Leaking (PPM), Leak Location 

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