AUVSI Trusted Operator Program Training Course

The roadmap you need – the guidance you seek to qualify as an AUVSI Trusted Operator or Service Provider.

About The AUVSI TOP Program

AUVSI harnessed the best practices and training protocols from over 197 organizations and high-level safety and risk management authorities to develop a set of standards for drone operations.

Drone pilots and other unmanned vehicle operators/organizations can attain level one, two, or three depending on the complexity of the work in which they are involved.

Each training provider undergoes a rigorous examination of training and operations protocols and documentation, safety management systems, and evidenced proven flight expertise. Consortiq can help you discover which of the three TOP level certifications is right for you.

How the TOP Certification Helps You

All highly technical professional fields require baseline and ongoing qualifications and/or certifications. Think of accountants, pilots, lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, etc. Safe unmanned aerial vehicle operations require an in-depth knowledge of the FAA Part 107 rules, airspace, weather, human factors, flight planning, emergency procedures, etc.  The decision-maker hiring UAV services will require some assurance that the Pilot-in-Command possesses the knowledge and experience to conduct missions safely, effectively, and efficiently.

The only requirement imposed on commercial drone operators to date is the passing of the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot qualification exam, which can be accomplished by merely studying and memorizing the rules. No assessment of actual drone flight operations is required.

In order to build trust with potential clients, drone operation service providers with a TOP certification can substantiate their qualifications which will mitigate risk and make the case for the pilot/provider’s past accomplishments and current safety management. TOP certification is that proof.

TOP Operator Levels

TRUST is one of the most compelling reasons we select professionals. AUVSI’s Trusted Operator Program has established the standard that consumers, businesses, and government entities can trust when hiring UAV/drone pilots. TOP Level 1, 2 and 3 certificates are proof that professional remote pilots and training organizations have demonstrated RELIABILITY, SAFETY, PROFESSIONALISM, and SUPERIOR FLIGHT SKILLS in the UAS industry. Here are three pathways to certification:

AUVSI Trusted Operator Program - AUVSI TOP Level 1

Level 1

Intended for the operator who is performing routine flight in unchallenging circumstances. The prerequisite for this course is the Part 107 remote pilot certification. We certify individual remote pilots with TOP 1, or we’re able to provide guidance at the organizational level.

AUVSI Trusted Operator Program - AUVSI TOP Level 2

Level 2

This course is for Level 1 TOP operators who are looking to advance their knowledge and enhance internal operations. We can certify for TOP remote pilots and TOP pilot instructors. A requirement for the TOP 2 evaluation is a practical flight assessment. Consortiq is able to also provide guidance at the organizational level.

AUVSI Trusted Operator Program - AUVSI Top Level 3

Level 3

Intended for very high level operations that require additional risk mitigation and/or internal protocols. We can certify TOP Level 3 remote pilots or TOP pilot instructors. Consortiq is able to also provide guidance at the organizational level.

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