AUVSI TOP Level 2 Remote Pilot Certification

We certify individual remote pilots with AUVSI TOP Level 2, or we’re able to provide guidance at the organizational level.

AUVSI Top Level 2 Operations

TOP Level 2 – Operations that include the following:

  • Any of the characteristics of TOP Level 1 plus,
  • Any operation that requires a waiver under FAA Part 107
  • Operations that require a visual observer, or sensor operator
  • Operations with elevated risk factors or complexity including but not limited to operations close to airports, helipads, populated areas, people and livestock.

What to Expect

*Includes Drone Flight Essentials Course


  1. Top Level 1 Remote Pilot certification
  2. Valid FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (Part 107)

Steps to Complete Certification

  • Verification of Training Markers
  • TOP Compliance Worksheet Completed
  • Practical Flight Assessment

TOP 1, 2, or 3 Organization

Consortiq can provide guidance, as needed, to satisfy requirements at the organizational level. However, the TOP organization certifications are awarded via the TOP certifying bodies.

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