Soaring to New Heights: Why Drones Matter for Modern Business Operations

Modern business operations require keeping an eye on both present and future needs of your company. Here’s how drones can help you achieve that goal.

Today, modern business operations have evolved far beyond just providing goods and services.

Since the early 1900s, management theories have sought to improve productivity by optimizing and simplifying processes within the workflow. The result? Improved productivity for countless industries. 

Modern operations management includes lean manufacturing, six sigma, reconfiguring manufacturing systems, and business process redesign. These four theories have greatly helped to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and fuel innovation.

Secondary effects have included developing and embracing technology that helps attract new talent, supports green initiatives, onboards new technology, and improves brand reputation. 

Drone technology is one innovation that has entrenched itself well in modern business operations. The advantages of using UAVs in modern operations are not only numerous, but incredibly effective, too.

So, how can drones provide critical benefits to modern business operations like yours?

Let’s dive in and take a look. 

Attracting New Talent

For your organization to remain relevant far into the future, you need to keep on eye on your future workforce. To that end, attracting new talent remains an essential function of human resources.

While compensation is important, many workers look for something beyond a paycheck. New employees want to ensure the companies they work for share their values, and will be an exciting place to work. 

So, it should come as no surprise that tech-savvy individuals tend to seek out companies investing in innovative technologies, like drones. When a company invests in UAV technology, they signal to potential employees know that they believe in the potential of AI, automation, and remote sensing.

Companies who incorporate drones show future employees that they care about the environment, value efficiency, and planning for the future. 

In some companies, particularly those working in the UAV industry, drones can attract workers with backgrounds in programming, engineering, design, and problem-solving. In this way, adopting drones into modern business operations can act as an advertisement to bring in new top new talent. 

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Green Initiatives

Rechargeable batteries power most drones. And, drones are considered green technology because their power source and operation have a low carbon footprint, especially compared to aerial alternatives.

In some applications, such as using drones for delivery, the gas emissions of drones can be up to 94% less than delivery vehicles.

Similar numbers can be seen in replacing gas-powered aircraft with drones.

For decades, helicopters have been used in applications such as powerline inspections or methane detection. While they do provide excellent platforms for the job, they are expensive and produce far more air and noise pollution than drones.

So, if your company seeks to adopt green technology and lower your carbon footprint, you might want to look into what drone operations can provide.

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Modern Business Operations Require Onboarding New Technology

No matter what industry you operate within, integrating new technology into an existing process remains essential to modern business operations.

However, in some cases, new technology is expensive and difficult to adopt. Additionally, it’s common for onboarding new technology to come with many headaches during implementation, and come with significant capital expenses. 

However, unlike many innovations, drones provide cost-effective options, and are easily added to existing operations. In the last few years, commercial drones have become easy to fly and operate. And, in many cases, drones can fly themselves using a combination of autonomous flight capabilities and advanced obstacle avoidance sensors.  

Today, pilots can quickly become experts at flying drones in a very short time. Off-the-shelf drones valued at less than $10,000 can perform many tasks with little to no interaction from the pilot.

That means UAV technology offers many benefits with few headaches. 

Improving Your Brand Reputation

Research continues to show that consumers care more about a brand’s values than ever before.

Although your product or service remains important, consumers are interested in more than that. Now, consumers want to know the company they support operates in an environmentally sound and ethical manner. 

One of the best ways for your business to demonstrate that your values fall in line with those of your customers is to support the initiatives customers care about. For instance, environmental sustainability has become one of the largest causes that the majority of people support.

In Europe, for example, 90% of Europeans agree that greenhouse gasses should be reduced to make the EU climate-neutral by 2050. 

Adding drones to your company’s operations is an easy way to show how your business is making moves to help the environment. In addition to their lower carbon footprint, UAV technology can help replant forests, make agriculture more efficient, conserve wildlife, and assist in water management.

All of these applications make for great public relations stories.

Key Takeaways

Modern business operations theories have helped launch one of the greatest production periods in history.

Drones have already established themselves as an essential tool to continue this growth into the future. When applied appropriately, UAV technology can improve efficiencies, lower costs, and support secondary initiatives like going green and improving brand reputation. 

Adopt drones now, and you’ll witness both positive results in the short term, and set your company up for a bright future ahead.

So, are you ready to take advantage of drones for your organization? If so, how do you get started? Do you hire out or bring your drone program in-house?

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David Daly - Contributing Author

David Daly, is an award-winning photographer/writer and licensed (FAA) Commercial sUAS pilot. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, David is a former Marine Corps officer with a BS in Oceanography and has earned his MBA from the University of Redlands. David has worked for Fortune 100 companies and has a background in aerospace, construction, military/defense, real estate, and technology.

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