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UAS consultancy, pilot training, and drone services designed to provide you with safe, efficient, and compliant UAS operations worldwide.
At Consortiq™, we innovate, you achieve!


Create a Program

Develop an efficient, compliant UAS program that fits your organization’s specific needs and safely gets your drones in the sky.

Drone program unmanned data services - Consortiq

Get Certified

Earn your remote pilot certificate, whether it’s the FAA’s Part 107 or the CAA’s GVC, and get the training you need for your team to succeed.

Drone Training

Accomplish Your Goals

Take your organization to the next level with an innovative drone program designed to achieve your goals.

Your Organization Deserves an
Efficient, Effective UAS Program

But there are so many barriers...

  • Understanding aviation rules and regulations is difficult

  • You’re concerned about the safety of your team members during inspections

  •  You’re not getting the data you need

  • You’re not sure which drone is right for your organization

  • Developing a program is expensive & time-consuming

  • You’re just not sure where to start

With Consortiq, you'll have everything you need to properly create and/or improve your drone operation all from one source.

And, you'll be able to implement a cost-effective UAS solution.

  • Work within your budget
  • Get a custom drone training package
  • Understand global requirements & operational regulations
  • Acquire the most important data
  • Get training on any drone platform
  • Prove your concepts using Consortiq™ pilots

Fly with the best

You need the best drone solution for your organization.

Whether you’re implementing a UAS program to collect aerial footage of construction sites, using thermal technology for inspections, or creating a new research and development program for your college or university, you want a team of experienced experts by your side.

The team at Consortiq has broad international experience, and is comprised of former pilots, first responders, aviation engineers, safety investigators, and military drone operators – all with extensive experience in the UAS field.

From applying for waivers to extensive drone operation planning & training, you’ll have full confidence in your program’s safety, compliance, and overall operations.


Drone program consulting - Consortiq

Drone Training

Get all of your drone training, including: Custom UAS courses, TOP/AUVSI, Part 107, PfCO, GVC, flight skills & assessments, surveying, public safety, thermal imaging, and photogrammetry. If you need to learn, we'll get you to the next level!

Drone training program - Consortiq

Drone Consultancy

Confidently create a UAS program framework with expert consultant support. From safety audits & waivers to industry reporting & operations manual development, you'll have everything you need to get your program safely off the ground, and into the sky!

Drone program unmanned data services - Consortiq

Unmanned Data Services

Get the data that's most important to your organization with unmanned data services. From utility inspections to construction project surveys, we'll provide the aerial data required for your industry. We'll also oversee & support your team's development!

Drone Training & Consultancy - Consortiq

Get Real World UAS Experience from a Global Perspective

Our team comes from various industries -- from military to emergency response. We're also global, so we're experienced with regulations from global aviation authorities, including the FAA, CAA, and TCCA.
We've used unmanned sensor platforms in all types of situations, and we've worked with organizations just like yours to help them achieve their goals with unmanned technology. If you're considering a specific UAS operation, we'll know exactly what you'll need to implement it.
We're here to offer you a real-world experience from our real-world perspectives. We'll help you make the right investment in the best technology for your situation.

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