Photo of Big Ben with text announcing participation in 2022 Facilities Show
Photo of Big Ben with text announcing participation in 2022 Facilities Show

A Better Digital Asset Management Solution: Consortiq Joins 2022 Facilities Show

Consortiq: Making Digital Assets Accessible

Maintenance, repairs, structural inspections and more – managing the needs of your buildings isn’t easy. At least, not without the right data at your fingertips. 

But, what if there was a better way?

Well, now there is.

If you’ve been looking for a solution to the constant demands of building management, look no further. There’s an event – and presenter – you can’t afford to miss.

From 17-19 May, 2022, Consortiq is proud and honoured to present in the long-anticipated Facilities Show at the ExCeL in London.

Located at booth FM3028, and offering a solution to the high demands of building management, the company is even giving awayfree 10,000 sq. ft Proof-of-Concept for Digital Asset Modeling to one lucky attendee. Be sure to continue reading below for official rules.

Consortiq was founded in 2015, with a single goal in mind: to provide organisations and industries an innovative, user-friendly approach to data acquisition & management – specifically in the utilisation of drones, or Uncrewed Aerial Systems(UAS).

They combine their consulting, internationally-recognised, award-winning training, and Drone as a Service (DaaS) model, enabling clients to safely scale their UAS operations – from proof-of-concept to full program roll out. 

Over the past 7 years, Consortiq has assisted countless organisations realise the benefits of drones & uncrewed technologies through their obsession with finding a better way.

With expertise in safety and aviation regulation, Consortiq relieves the pain of launching a drone programme, allowing clients to focus on what matters most: the data itself. And, with their experience in software development, Consortiq also understands the biggest barrier to real organisational change: simplifying the process for the user. 

“Understanding how users interact with data, learning which tools they need & problems they face, means we  look at solving these problems before they are realised. Even simple things like click counts can make all the difference with the success of a management programme,” says John Gore, Consortiq’s Digital Innovation Manager.

“We’ve spent the first near-decade of our existence making it easier for organisations to operate drones safely, but also recognise drones are just a tool in an your toolbox. Getting clients the right tools to make their day-to-day lives easier is how you set your programme up with the strongest foundations possible.”

“Our expertise working with 3D geospatial data also means we are able to find solutions to some of the bigger challenges in realising the benefits of digital asset management” Gore added.

“Our clients have told us that they know they need to embrace digital twin technologies, but don’t know where to start. And, with most people exploring this as a secondary duty, they often struggle to get these programmes off the ground,” explained Gore. “We help clients see a simpler way of implementing this change through our data capture techniques, and powerful-yet-simple digital twins platform.”

Consortiq have developed a suite of services known as Digital Asset Modeling to help facility and asset managers unlock the potential of digital twins within their organisations.

Now, Consortiq is exhibiting their services at this year’s Facilities Show at the London ExCel. The solutions focus on solving the biggest pains with digital twins: difficulty of capturing the data, and the challenges of the user-experience.

Now, Consortiq has found a way to simplify both, and truly believes it’s a solution not seen anywhere else in the industry.

“Any organisation that manages a structure or facility stands to gain massive efficiency and productivity benefits through inter-departmental collaboration and accessibility of near-real-time information” remarked Gareth Beverley, Consortiq’s CEO.

“We are obsessed with helping our clients find a better way to solve their day-to-day challenges. It’s a value we hold very close to our hearts. Everything we do is centred around our clients unlocking more value from these services and solutions.

“With Digital Asset Modelling, we’re blending our solutions expertise with our passion for helping clients solve their pains, and we’re really excited by the potential of these new services. Our team has spent a lot of time and energy perfecting our craft, working alongside clients to understand and solve their challenges. We’re very excited to be showcasing this technology at the Facilities Show.”

About the Facilities Show

The Facilities Show is dubbed as the world’s most important facilities management event, bringing together the entire facilities management supply chain.

Attend, and you can share your expertise with others in the industry, while exploring solutions for a more sustainable profession, driving transformation.

Says John Gore, Digital Innovation Manager at Consortiq:

“We’re excited to present at the Facilities Show in London, arguably the largest dedicated Facilities (FM) industry event in the world. We have some exciting developments to share with those experiencing real-world pains with their digital transformation.”

“We have a lot of experience solving scaling challenges, and implementing emerging technologies in a variety of organisations with our unique approach. This is one of our first shows back following the COVID19 pandemic, and we’re truly excited to meet people again, shaking hands in person”.

Consortiq can be found at booth FM3028, within the Facilities Show, one of 5 other events being hosted at the ExCel.

Learning More

To learn more about Consortiq or the services they offer, please visit…

Case Study, White Paper:

Overcoming Challenges: Digital Twin/BIM Demonstration –

Case Study – Blog: 

Podcast – John Gore & Thomas Hague on Social Housing & 3D Scans:

Book an appointment with Consortiq’s Digital Innovation Manager at the Facilities Show here:

Contact Details:

John Gore – Digital Innovation Manager

[email protected]

About Consortiq

Consortiq has dedicated teams located in London in the UK and in Annapolis, Maryland in the USA.

We are made up of experienced and passionate professionals with a breadth of experience within asset management, laser scanning and 3D model processing.

With a history of solving technical and regulatory issues within both the uncrewed (drones) and data capturing environments – using a multitude of sensors – Consortiq offers a holistic approach whilst remaining agnostic to systems and solutions. 

Consortiq has helped organisations throughout the world innovate their data needs, focusing on the utilisation of Uncrewed Aerial Systems. 

We combine consulting, Data Asset Modeling, internationally-recognised training, and Drone as a Service (DaaS) model to enable our clients to safely scale their operations – from proof-of-concept to full program roll out.

While Consortiq maintains offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, our clients are worldwide – including the US, UK, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Eastern Europe and South America.

Terms of Digital Asset Modeling Contest

10,000sq ft POC for Digital Asset Modeling
  • – A ‘free’ pilot of Digital Asset Modelling for your organisation (associated hire and travel costs covered by Consortiq). Subject to feasibility of the proposed building/asset.
  • – We will capture and scan your asset/building (up to 10,000 Sq/Ft) and present the results to you in our digital twin software platform, CupixWorks.
  • – You’ll receive a pointcloud model and 360 panoramic imagery.
  • – You’ll get to experience how your organisation can easily adopt BIM in the industry’s latest, user-friendly platform, and deliver meaningful change for building and asset management right now.
  • – You’ll have access to the platform and data for 12 months from the date of delivery.
  • We will demonstrate the platform to you, and train you and your super-users on how to maximise the benefit to your organisation. There are no limits to the numbers of users you can have on the platform.
  • To enter, visit Consortiq’s team at booth FM3028 and drop off a business card. One winner will be chosen at random.
    Hope to see you there, and good luck!

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