Education Solutions

Drone Solutions for the future

We are committed to working within further and higher education – students always bring fresh ideas on how we can solve complex challenges. We can help you bring your projects to life – whether students are mapping an ancient dig, analysing athletes’ precise movements or needing new views for their latest documentary. With our range of expertise, we provide the tools that allow you to stay at the forefront of research and teaching excellence.

Many universities and colleges come to us because they want to make sure they’re fully prepared when it comes to legal compliance. They find our expertise and experience of real-world situations can help students not only appreciate the wider issues around drone use, but also where it could take us in the future. We’re always happy to develop bespoke training packages but many have chosen to take our Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ). Taking you through every step of the of theory and flight assessment, it’s one of our most popular courses and is fully recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Remaining at the forefront of change is important to us and working with academic institutions is a big part of that.

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