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Achieve Maximum Efficiency with LAANC

Achieve Maximum Efficiency with LAANC

Stephen Glaus
Achieve Maximum Efficiency with LAANC

Are you looking for a way to streamline your unmanned operations? There are a lot of things to consider before a drone can take to the skies; personnel, site assessments, risk factors, inventory management, data optimization, and the list goes on. Achieving maximum efficiency while also maintaining the highest safety standards can be a difficult balance to hold. A critical and primary first step to ensuring these objectives that can be achieved is validating authorization to fly in mission-essential airspace.

FAA Part 107

While wielders of an FAA Part 107 license should have the competencies necessary to examine and self-identify potential airspace hazards, doing so manually via a sectional chart, ruler, and pencil is not only slow, but opens the door of opportunity for human error to strike. And let’s be honest, with all of the advanced drone fleet management software solutions out there – it just doesn’t make sense to rely on less-than-precise manual mapping manipulation. The world’s leading technology experts and mathematicians surely aren’t doing all of their work with a pen and paper – and neither should you!

Altitude Angel

Thanks in large part to efforts ushered in by industry stakeholders’ clamoring cravings, the FAA created a system by which drone pilots can request and receive almost instantaneous approvals for airspace they wish to fly in. That system, LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability), has been live and ready for use for well over a year now. To tap into the convenience LAANC offers, drone pilots must utilize the service of an authorized LAANC provider. Thanks to a partnership with Altitude Angel, Consortiq is proud to provide LAANC capabilities as a complimentary component of its highly acclaimed CQNET drone fleet management software.


Getting LAANC approval is fast and easy – in fact, it’s built right into the CQNET software. If for some reason the FAA revokes or amends an approval, the software will notify users of the status change and allow ample time for corrective action. CQNET makes it easy to manage mission data, monitor flight operations, and maximize asset efficiency. Having LAANC capabilities enhances the entire experience.

There’s no need to guess when it comes to maintaining compliance during unmanned missions. Enjoy the peace of mind CQNET provides. Try it for yourself, and see how CQNET, now equipped with LAANC – can help you and your organization fly drones safely.

Safe. Simple. Fast. CQNet.

Sign up for a CQNet trial account and make your first LAANC request today.

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