AUVSI TOP Level 1 Remote Pilot Certification

We certify individual remote pilots with AUVSI TOP Level 1, or we’re able to provide guidance at the organizational level.

AUVSI TOP Level 1 Operations

TOP Level 1 – Operations that include the following:

  • Routine operations under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 107
  • Operations that do not require a waiver of FAR Part 107
  • Operations in which the remote pilot is competent and proficient
  • Flights using electric aircraft less than 5 lbs or 2 kg
  • Operations that do not have any of the characteristics mentioned in Level 2 or Level 3, such as operations close to airports, helipads, populated areas, people and livestock.

What to Expect

AUVSI Trusted Operator Program - AUVSI TOP Level 1

Provides needed guidance to satisfy all AUVSI TOP Level 1 Remote Pilot requirements via an online training module and one-on-one virtual guidance to complete the provided operations manual template.


  1. Valid FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (Part 107)
  2. AUVSI TOP Protocol Certification Manual (PCM) – Provided

Steps to Complete Certification

  • Online Modules Completed (Trainee)
  • TOP Remote Pilot Compliance Worksheet (Trainee)
  • Documentation Review (Consortiq)

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