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An Opportune Time for Drone Training

An Opportune Time for Drone Training

David Daly
An Opportune Time for Drone Training

The current environment has left many of us questioning how to proceed in a seemingly uncertain future. 

Numerous regions around the world are restricting social interactions and business operations Thus, globally, we are in uncharted waters. In the post-coronavirus world, those businesses willing to adapt and overcome will be the most likely to succeed.

Did your organization express interest in operating drones prior to the COVID-19 pandemic?  If so, you're not alone. 

Of course, at that point, you might have lacked the time necessary to dedicate to planning, training, and implementation. However, our current state presents decision-makers with a unique opportunity.

While the new norm makes it difficult to conduct a wide range of standard business functions, our ability to connect digitally makes this an ideal time for training.  

Drone Training: What to Look For

Training your team to become drone pilots, and even UAV subject-matter experts, is entirely achievable during these difficult times.  

A quick Google search will produce a plethora of available programs. Though, choosing the right organization to conduct your training is an essential part of the process.  

While there are many options out there from which you can choose, finding the best one for your organization might be difficult during your initial search.

Let's review a few crucial factors to consider before making your selection. 

First, identify the qualities of a solid drone training organization. Then, look for common aspects that make for a great program.

The Right Company

In many ways, the UAV industry is still in its infancy. 

It seems like new companies appear all of the time. Many offer everything from Part 107 training to hands-on drone piloting courses.

With so many training options available, you'll want to start by looking for a company with several years of experience in the industry.

These companies -- who've been in the industry for, at least, a few years -- typically understand client needs far better than newer startups. They've assisted many organizations, and they've got documented track records of success. Some have even earned a few industry-related awards along the way.

Established drone training companies typically employ expert trainers with extensive aviation backgrounds. You'll want to look for manned rotary & fixed-wing aircraft pilots, air traffic controllers, and drone pilots. 

In other words, people who deeply understand the aviation industry and the regulations surrounding it. Their collective experience helps to design the most robust drone operating programs.

Also, make sure to choose a training organization that will meet your specific and unique needs. More established companies offer both online and in-person training. These organizations understand your need for flexibility, and they adapt based on your requirements.    

If you're an enterprise, look for a company who specializes in enterprise clients. Think of this relationship as a partnership - the UAS trainer you choose should have shared interest in your long-term success.

The Best Drone Program

If you're a business professional, you have no doubt learned the value of thinking long term. 

Look for programs that share the same philosophy. Courses and Part 107 study guides are a great start; however, you'll want to plan beyond that. 

Does the program offer additional specialized training on topics such as aerial mapping, engineering, and flight essentials? If so, you're in good hands. 

If your business requires several pilots, look for train-the-trainer courses. They're designed to continuously increase your drone capabilities, organically, long after initial training.

Many organizations have very unique drone needs. For example, a search-and-rescue team might require thermal capabilities and a daylight operation waiver

If you're a part of such a specialized sector, choose courses tailored to you.  Sector-specific courses are often designed by individuals with backgrounds in those fields. 

The course design input from these professionals will ensure that the material is both accurate and relevant to you and your team.

Bringing It All Together

There are countless challenges we are all facing right now. 

With many uncertainties ahead, it may seem as if there is little we can do in the meantime. However, even amidst the pandemic, training new commercial drone pilots and increasing your UAV capabilities are still very much available.

Take this time to train your team, and take your organization to new heights.

Reach out to an expert company with extensive drone industry experience, and a well-developed catalogue of courses. Let them guide you in starting a safe, successful, and prosperous drone program.

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