GVC & A2 CofC Training Course

Earn your General Visual Line-of-Sight & A2 Certificate of Competency in the United Kingdom, and take your drone to the sky for just £899+VAT! 

The General Visual Line-of-Sight Certificate (GVC) + A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) Combined

What makes this course different? We believe that offering you the complete package is necessary as we transition into the new regulations! It also allows individuals and organizations the flexibility to operate in both ‘categories’ where you may operate different platforms across multiple locations. Consortiq offers the full solution: A2 CofC and with the GVC all as one package deal. 

Unlike the PfCO, the GVC applies to all types of operations (whether for ‘Commercial’ purposes or not), but is based on the category of your aircraft, and where you are operating it. The GVC is a remote pilot competency certificate which provides a single qualification that is suitable for VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) operations within the Specific Category.

You can find out what level of training you need by watching this VIDEO. But remember, our GVC includes the A2 CofC! So it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

£899 +VAT

How to Book Your Course

£899 +VAT

To book onto this course, our booking page will allow you to select your ground school dates, be sure to book a course that works for you. Our GVC/A2 CofC combined course comes with our ‘Convenience guarantee’ so there’s always piece of mind when booking through us! Once registered you will be asked to select a location and preference for your flight skills assessment through our online portal. This is always conducted after the ground school element.

On average, we have at least one course a month happening across the UK. 

Candidates undertaking the GVC qualification with us have access to our bespoke online operations manual creation tool. This will guide you through, and automatically generate, a full operations manual for you or your business. Subsequently you will undertake a practical flight skills assessment with a flight examiner. During this you will be required to operate to the procedures contained in your operations manual.

The GVC is valid for five (5) years.

Convenience Guarantee

We guarantee to be able to service your training at a time and location suitable to you. We have a network of Instructors who deliver theory training online and service flight assessments at multiple sites across the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland). 

We’re so confident you won’t be inconvenienced, that if you cannot agree a time and location for your flight skills assessment with us within three months of your booking, we’ll give you your money back. Terms apply*.

Requirements & Pricing

Course Requirements

A laptop or tablet

A drone supplied by yourself

A minimum of two hours logged flight time, within in the past three months, on the type of drone you will be assessed on

Applicable drone insurance

Be 18 years or older

To have read the Drone Code and undertaken (and passed) the online theory test to obtain a Flyer ID.


Prices include for all GVC courses, training and material costs, however, insurance and additional application fees to the CAA are separate and payable by the candidate.

Prices may be subject to change.

Any travel and subsistence costs are not included.

Price: *£899 + VAT

*Price includes: 1 free theory resit and a flight skills assessment. Additional theory and flight skills assessments are chargeable.

About the Course

Ground School (2 days)

The drone training course starts with two days of ground school. Prior to attending your ground school you will be spending time within the portal creating your Operations Manual using our creation tool, this will be used to refer to during your ground school to help you build your understanding of, and therefore safety within your own operation. 

The Course Study Manual contains all the information required to pass the theory exam, but during the ground school stage we will go over the important areas and ensure that you are fully prepared for the Theoretical Exam.

On the ground school you will be taught by one of our instructors who all have years of experience as drone operators. This experience is unique to Consortiq and ensures you receive the best instruction available to help you gain your GVC.

Through a series of exercises, we will bring together all the theoretical elements and ensure that you have a good understanding of how to apply this practically ‘in the field’. The ground school stage culminates at the end of day two with the Theory Exam.

It is our objective to have a 100% pass rate for this assessment and we will do our part to help you achieve the required standard.

Flight Assessment (1 Day)

The flight assessment is conducted with reference to your own Operations Manual. 

Each candidate will be fully briefed so they know exactly what to expect and all efforts will be made to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to bring out the best performance in everyone. The Flight Assessment should take around 2hrs. 

Upon the successful completion of the Flight Assessment, the candidate will be awarded the GVC.

It’s important to stress that the ground school will be delivered remotely and the FA will be coordinated via the online portal.


Once you have purchased the GVC, you will receive a digital version of our Course Study Manual (CSM) and gain access to our online learning portal.

It is important that you spend as much time as possible in advance of the course on the learning portal and be familiar with the content in the CSM.


Please make sure you have available the following with you for the Ground School and to any exam retakes:

  • Laptop (and Mac users may also find an iPad useful if they own one)
  • Photo identification
  • Course Study Manual
  • Valid Flyer ID email

Flight Assessments

These will be conducted at an allocated time after your ground school. You will be able to nominate your assessment time as far as the schedule permits. The Flight Skills Assessment covers procedures and use of Standard Operating Procedures as well as ability to fly. It is conducted in accordance with flight procedures provided by you, the candidate.

You should ensure that you have practised your procedures and flying before attending the flight assessment.

Please bring the following with you on the day of your flight assessment:

  • Your aircraft (correctly marked up with applicable Operator ID) and any additional equipment that you require to fly (e.g. batteries)
  • Flight logs (minimum of 2 hours flight time)
  • Procedures and checklists (as detailed in your Operations Manual)
  • Completed flight planning form

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