Drone Integration Course

Are you ready to start or scale an internal drone training program within your organization? This course will teach you both advanced theory & practical flight operations, and how to deliver these concepts to your UAS operators. 

About the Drone Integration Course

Our “Train the Trainer” drone integration course is customized for you specific case use, based on platform, environment, and application.

We teach you how to instruct UAS concepts while integrating your existing organization policies. We’ll also help you develop your training manual to adhere to your specific organizational policies & aviation standards.

What to Expect


Whether it’s a brand new program or you need to provide continuing education to your pilots, this drone integration program can save your organization time and money by allowing your internal trainers the ability to provide expert-level instruction & skills development in house.

We’ll help you develop the skills to create your own flexible training program, or we’ll provide you with a program, complete with manuals, course syllabus, training modules, and assessment forms.

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  • Prepare trainers to deliver UAS skills development
  • Understand UAS regulations
  • Implement UAS industry best practices
  • Theory & practical flight delivery
  • Develop learning objectives
  • Creating internal UAS standards
  • Administer flight assessments

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