Drone Aerial Survey Course

Want to add an additional skill that is used within the construction industry? Our drone aerial survey course forms part of a range of solutions, including photogrammetry, that can be conducted using an UAS/drone.

Drone Aerial Survey Course

This classroom-based two-day course will enable you to maximize the value of the data collected by your drone. The drone aerial survey course will also cover flight planning for optimum coverage, and processing techniques to ensure the accuracy and utility of the data captured. Having the best understanding of capturing the data will increase the best use of your flight time. Led by highly experienced UAS operators, candidates will explore the art of the possible, using theory, workflows and case studies.

What to Expect

Digital imaging – The quality of the raw data is fundamental to a successful project.  This section will focus on the requirements for producing the highest quality imagery and will include discussion on camera settings, lenses, field of view, resolution, distortion, ground sampling distance (GSD), coverage/overlap and photo-control.

Photogrammetry theory and practice – A brief background to place today’s advances in context and a little theory to explain how the process works are the subjects of this session. It will include an explanation of the perspective effect of a camera’s central projection and how 3D data is produced from an orientated and overlapping series of 2D images both for stereo mapping and the modern multi-image software products

Workflow and outputs – With the emphasis on flight planning, field checking and quality control at each stage of the process the survey outputs available to the UAS user will be explained. These include photogrammetric point clouds, triangular surface meshes, textured 3D models, raster digital elevation models for geographic information system (GIS), orthophotography and 3D vector data collection.

Software demonstration and case studies – Active demonstration of parts of the workflow using one or more software suites will help to crystallize the information learnt from the previous sessions.

It will include a discussion of the settings available to improve the output, observation of control points for geo-referencing and a brief look at vector data collection in 3D.

Case studies will be shown, some of which may stray outside of the UAS realm to demonstrate the flexibility of photogrammetry in supplementing the airborne data using terrestrial imagery.

Industrial case studies will be explored, including large survey operations in challenging operational environments.

Bring the Course to You

Drone Aerial Survey Course - UAS resources

The drone aerial survey course is classroom based and has a maximum capacity of ten students to maintain a high level of candidate experience.

If you would like this course to be conducted for your team at your location, please contact us to find out more or complete the form at the bottom of the page. A member of our team will provide you with all the information needed.

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