Digital Asset Modeling

The ultimate asset management solution

You need to keep digital building records

but there are so many challenges…

Now, there’s a quicker, easier way to do it.

With Unmanned Digital Asset Modeling, You'll Get...

You’ll be confident in the safety of both your buildings and your tenants.

Are you in the United Kingdom? If so, digital asset management is a requirement. Read more about it here.

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Get Expert-Level 3D Scanning & Asset Management

With Consortiq’s all-in-one digital asset management solution, you’ll obtain:
High-resolution 3D twins that you can navigate with any device; detailed information about maintenance schedules, installation dates, and asset defects; and an easy-to-access, securely hosted asset management platform.

Where traditional scans take weeks on site just to capture all of the necessary data, Consortiq’s non-invasive building scans take as little as a few hours, with full-scale digital twins completed in less than two weeks.

Still not sure? Learn more about the work we’ve done:

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