Drones as a Service

Managed Drone Solutions

Managing all your drone needs

We take a flexible approach to help you implement your drone solutions – by mixing and matching different elements you can combine our expertise with your in-house capacity. However, bringing drone solutions in-house can often become all-consuming, taking your focus away from day-to-day business. With a fully outsourced option that combines the best of our training, consultancy and management expertise, you can fulfil all of your needs without getting caught up in the detail.

A full solution

Whether you’re scoping out land for urban planning or creating the next Hollywood hit we can help. Our drone services can be tailored to meet your industry needs, helping you to reduce the costs of setting up your operation and navigating the complex world of legal compliance. Once you’re good to go, we can also capture and manage data, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly into your own systems providing you with a full and accurate picture.

Our expertise with aerial platforms and technology, combined with our knowledge and experience of maintenance, procurement and legislation means we can provide support in all areas. Whatever the length, size and type of your project, we are with you every step of the way.

Bring some balance – talk to us about a fully managed drone solution