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Drone Training

We offer a range of expert and tailored training to companies across the globe. As industry trailblazers, we were one of the first to offer drone training. Now our expertise and commitment to excellence in training has been recognised with National Qualified Entity (NQE) status – something only a handful of companies have been awarded.

Alongside our highly recommended UAQ course, we offer bespoke packages that address your training needs, however complex your industry or service is. With a focus on business, we provide additional targeted training, and ensure that you’re matched with an expert that has commercial experience of operating drones in your sector.

It’s always been our aim to ensure that every business can benefit from drone solutions, and are given the chance to fully utilise our cutting-edge expertise. We’ve already helped:

Drone Training Solutions

Our UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification)

The renowned UAQ course is one of our most popular courses simply because it offers a vital assessment that then allows individuals and teams to operate drones safely in the most pressured and crucial situations.

Our training

  • 400 students have taken the course in the last year
  • 30-40 hours online ➔ 2 days of ground school

Our experts

  • Combined training team of over 20 instructors
  • Trainer expertise – 40 years of flying, 60,000+ commercial hours, 20+ years in the civilian drone industry (including thousands of sub 20kg drones)

What you can expect

  • Recognition – our courses are accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Expert advice and guidance – we take you through every step of the theory and flight assessment to help you gain the PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation)
  • Comprehensive delivery – through an online learning portal, two days of ground school and a flight assessment (on successful completion of ground school)

Tailored to you

Our strong focus on customer experience means we have developed innovative and diverse training packages that deliver at every level of your business. Industries vary, and so do people – in any one business each team member is going to have a different responsibility and role within your overall drone solution. We can work with you to really understand this, and help you to pick the areas that matter the most. On one day you might need drone awareness training for your senior management, and the next one of your team members could be using simulator packages and a micro drone to prepare to progress on to flight training. Whatever your requirements are, we can create something truly unique.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll get your training where it needs to be.