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Drone programs are challenging. There are so many regulations, and you don’t always have the support you need to get started. With Consortiq’s online drone consultancy, you’ll speak with real experts in real time, from the safety of your home or office. No need to go out during a pandemic. We’ll bring the drone support to you, no matter where you are in the world!

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Consortiq consultants come from various industries — from military to emergency response. We’re also global, so we’re experienced with regulations from global aviation authorities, including the FAA, CAA, and TCCA.We’ve used unmanned sensor platforms in all types of situations, and we’ve worked with organizations just like yours to help them achieve their goals with unmanned technology. If you’re considering a specific UAS operation, we’ll know exactly what you’ll need to implement it.We’re here to offer you a real-world experience from our real-world perspectives. 

We’ll help you make the right investment in the best technology for your situation.

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After completion of the questionnaire, one of our consultants will arrange a virtual meeting with yourself and any agreed stakeholders.  We will investigate the current status and where you want to be, what you have looked at or tried and the requirements of your organization.  There may be the need for a number of follow-up emails prior to delivery of our recommendations report.