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Consortiq Achieves Quality Assurance Certification

Consortiq Achieves Quality Assurance Certification

Consortiq Achieves Quality Assurance Certification

Consortiq is pleased to announce that it has successfully demonstrated the importance of quality assurance compliance to its drone training, software and consultancy business, having received an internationally-recognised ISO 9001 certificate of registration.

This compliance recognition will help prove to potential and existing customers that qualifications and processes at the company are exceeding expectations and further demonstrates the professional approach Consortiq is taking to its operations.

“These processes existed already within the company, but we have taken this a step further to show that we are ISO compliant, and that the quality and professionality of drone operations is fully adhered to,” John Gore, Operations Manager at Consortiq, says.

This certification currently applies to the training and consultancy divisions of the company, although it plans to roll out this accreditation to its CQNet drone management software in coming months, ensuring that all business lines are ISO 9001 assured.

“Our ISO 9001 covers the company as a whole, but at the moment excludes CQNet because we were busy rolling out a number of market-leading upgrades to the software at the time,” Gore said. “We will be beginning the process of applying it to our leading drone management software very soon.”

Consortiq is only one of a couple of British NQEs claiming to have this certification, further showing how seriously it takes its position as a drone training provider in the UK, and ensuring that all of its dedicated flight instructors are fully qualified.

This follows a November achievement by the company, when it was awarded the title of best cloud services provider at the Digital Experience Awards in London for CQNet.

Beating a number of highly-respected competitors in the same category, Consortiq proved that CQNet is an innovative digital capability that is disrupting the way in which drone operators manage their operations, and proved that the company is excelling in ensuring that drone operations worldwide are innovative yet safe. 

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