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Drones for Land Surveying - Why UAVs Are the Perfect Tools

Drones for Land Surveying - Why UAVs Are the Perfect Tools

Shea O'Donnell
Drones for Land Surveying - Why UAVs Are the Perfect Tools

If you are a surveyor it is likely that you will have come across the idea of using drone technology to help you with your working role. You are not alone, and these aerial vehicles are set to revolutionise the way a multitude of industries operate in the future. However, right now the technology still remains a ‘grey area’ for some people, with many professionals still unsure as to exactly how this new, and increasingly growing, technology can really integrate into their day to day operations.

Many land surveyors across the world have been using UAVs, discovering the many benefits that they can bring. Here are just some of the reasons why drones are the perfect tool for performing land surveys.

Faster turnaround times
Speedy service is the main priority for many professions in today’s fast-paced business world, and an increasing number of surveying companies are under pressure to offer quick turnaround times for their clients to keep up with demands. This would be challenging when using traditional methods, but when using a UAV to perform the survey, then these targets are much more achievable. Time is saved and reliance on staff is reduced, also helping to keep costs down while never compromising on service.

Detailed modelling
UAVs are agile and are capable of capturing data from a variety of viewpoints and angles. Because of this, using a drone with a high-resolution sensor attached to it can measure an area with improved accuracy, enabling more detailed 3D maps and models to be produced. These small devices can also easily fly into hard to reach areas, measuring parts of a site that would be previously uncaptured by conventional methods.

Improved safety
As well as ensuring that the best possible data is collected for the client, safety is of paramount importance to surveying companies. A surveyor will often be required to enter hazardous areas with the steep or unstable terrain. Using a drone to fly over these types of sites can capture the all-important data, while never putting the operator in dangerous situations.

There are much more reasons why UAVs are being used by land surveyors across the country, and the best way to find out why is to experience it first-hand. At Consortiq we have helped a wide range of companies identify and implement this technology, giving them both the theoretical knowledge and practical assistance required to enjoy the benefits as quickly as possible.

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