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The Rise of Women in the Drone Industry

The Rise of Women in the Drone Industry

Miriam Hinthorn
The Rise of Women in the Drone Industry

There are many industries where the role of women is often discussed. Professions such as musicians, engineers and those working in construction, for example, are stereotypically male dominated industries, meaning that the role of women entering this marketplace is often analysed and scrutinised. 

While women have come a long way since the cultural expectations of the bygone eras, there are still certain areas of the workplace that raise some questions and we are a long way off a completely equal distribution of male and female workers in some professional fields.

Although it is a relatively new career path, the drone sector has fallen into this category where male workers are by far more commonly seen than females, perhaps due to its roots in technology, computing and engineering. However, that’s not to say that they aren’t operating within the industry, and they certainly aren’t doing so quietly!

Miriam Hinthorn, US Operations Manager at Consortiq, recently spoke on Woman’s Hour on the BBC Radio 4 about the rise of women in the drone industry and how the industry is growing at an exponential rate. 

2018 will be a transitional year, seeing many drone programmes move out of the Research & Development space and into action. As this happens, organisations will have to have very robust protocols for deploying drones and following regulations. Anytime decisions are being made, there needs to be a balanced group of opinions. This is especially important when evaluating risks and setting precedents in uncharted territory. 

While women may remain a minority in the UAV sector, many female pilots and women in the industry have had huge successes in the area, becoming CEO’s, legal experts and trusted voices in the field.

At Consortiq, we continue to support this growing industry and actively encourage both men, and women, to take part and to engage in this technology. 

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