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LAANC - Back to Basics

LAANC - Back to Basics

Stephen Glaus
LAANC - Back to Basics
We’re coming up on the first anniversary of when the FAA’s LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) system was launched. Thanks to this innovative initiative, commercial remote pilots flying under Part 107 have nearly instant access to flying in controlled airspace (upon granted confirmation). 
Obtaining waivers beyond the realms of Part 107 is also streamlined, thereby significantly reducing the waiting times that had previously exceeded 90 days. LAANC also allows users to get preauthorization for missions up to 90 days in advance, making it the perfect service for those who hate procrastinating. 

Up until recently, access to LAANC was limited through the utilization of just a few specific software providers. Now joining the fray, Altitude Angel is primed to offer LAANC capabilities as a compliment to an amazing portfolio of airspace management solutions. 

So what do I need to know? 

Does LAANC require an update to Part 107? - LAANC approvals are for those flying under a Part 107, and no updates to Part 107 are needed for the current operation of the LAANC system.

What kind of future opportunities does LAANC open up? What’s next? - Certain types of operations require waivers, LAANC could provide an avenue to assist with such applications. This would provide a shorter path toward commercial operations that require longer term airspace waivers or even Part 107 waivers in combination with airspace authorizations.

How does it work for airports that don’t have LAANC? - For airports that are not yet LAANC ready, traditional airspace authorization is required through the FAA’s DroneZone portal. This process can take up to 90 days.

Does the implementation of LAANC affect authorization of flights BVLOS? - A waiver is still required for any operation that requires to fly BVLOS. However, if an operator was looking eventually to perform BVLOS operations within controlled airspace, they could potentially use LAANC approvals for operations in preparation for a waiver application.

Please visit HERE for more information on how LAANC works: 

Make sure you follow us for up-coming updates relating to LAANC. More to come. 

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