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What You Should Know About Using Drones for Your Business

What You Should Know About Using Drones for Your Business

Shea O'Donnell
What You Should Know About Using Drones for Your Business

Just as fast as the technology is evolving, more businesses across the globe are becoming aware of the many ways drones can help increase efficiency in their organisation.  Many emergency service teams, construction and surveying companies, and media professionals are making use of this new form of aviation to help with risky jobs and capture a fuller picture. As well as increasing safety, these airborne vehicles can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors, opening up possibilities for data collection and analysis like has never before been possible.

With the addition of high-resolution cameras, laser scanners, thermal imaging cameras and more, drones are able to fly into unreachable areas to gather data with increased speed and accuracy, helping businesses to expand their offerings to their customers.  

At Consortiq, we help companies achieve incredible outcomes by using a drone everyday. Before you take the first step to utilising this incredible technology for your business there are certain things to consider to ensure that the implementation of your drone is a success. Here is what you should know about using drones for your business:

Know your purpose 

Drones are useful for a wide range of applications including monitoring, delivery, construction and filming with many more capabilities being discovered every day, but it is useful to know exactly what you want to achieve with your drone. This factor can affect the type of drone you would need, it would dictate whether you would train up an existing member of staff to be a drone pilot or if you would outsource the job, it would also help you get an insight into the full scope of the investment, enabling you to choose the additional sensors and other pieces of technology you would be required to fully complete the necessary task.

Consider the legal requirements 

The use of a drone for commercial and industrial purposes is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure that the drone operator and the general public is safe at all times. To comply with the law, your drone must be flown by a pilot with an industry recognised drone licence, achieved from a CAA approved drone pilot academy. Not only does this ensure that you are abiding by the regulations, it also means that the operator will be a better-trained pilot, able to cope with any circumstances that may arise on a UAV job. Receiving this standard of training also means that each pilot is equipped with up to date industry information to ensure your business is always following compliance. Changes often take place to the regulations surrounding drone flight, with the update to insurance law being a recent example of this – to implement the use of a drone smoothly into any organisation, it is imperative to be aware of these as they arise.

Where do I start?

If you are clear in your objectives and goals but have no other knowledge or experience in using a drone for business, speaking to a specialist drone service provider is a great place to start. Here, the industry experts can use their experience to build the perfect drone solution for you, and a specialist CAA approved drone pilot can complete the task with ease.

At Consortiq, we offer training, consultancy, and software for those businesses that need a helping hand in implementing their drone in-house. If you want to know more about using a drone for business or want to work with us to make it happen, get in touch today.

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