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How to Keep Track of Your Drone Fleet

How to Keep Track of Your Drone Fleet

How to Keep Track of Your Drone Fleet

As more organisations are embracing drone technology, the companies who have targeted the sector are gathering pace in their drive for success.  To capture more market share, they have started to grow, procuring more drone technology and recruiting more staff to meet the demand.  This introduces more operational complexity and, inevitably, the associated risk.  

As an organisation swells in size the technical complexity of its operations may extend to a continental, and even global, reach, and this certainly places a greater logistical challenge on operations.  Where 2 or 3 drones are easy to track using traditional electronic (and sometimes hard copy) methods, when the fleet increases into double figures an easier, more centralised solution is required.  The advent of operations management software, such as Consortiq’s CQNet, is proving critical for organisations with ambitions to grow in this dynamic marketplace. 

Tracking for Optimised Operations

An easily accessible resource, online or offline, CQNet enables equipment managers an effortless way to track and manage their fleet and staff in a dynamic way, ensuring that each task is sufficiently resourced with the correct equipment.  The larger the operation, the greater number of assets that need to be managed and CQNet can show visibility of drones and associated equipment at any scale.  CQNet allows pilots to input data directly before, during and after a task, ensuring that the clearest possible view of the overall operational picture always.  This gives operations managers the best possible platform to make the inevitable last-minute changes to scheduled tasks, ensuring that clients expectations are met every time.

CQNet also allows dynamic tracking of drones as flights occur.  As each pilot completes their pre-flight checks and readies for flight, the operations manager can directly monitor the progress of each flight simultaneously, ensuring that the operational due diligence is completed and ensuring compliance with organisational safety principles.

Tracking for Better Maintenance Management

CQNet collects metric data about your equipment which allows you to see trends in system performance and frequency of incident for each platform and across the whole fleet.  Using this feedback, company safety managers can inject richer data-sets into the Safety Management Systems (SMS) which enables greater oversight of the aggregate risk inherent in each organisation.  For instance, if data is available which shows the rate of operations, the incidents that occur in routine operations and the associated failure rate of drone components, the appropriate manager can implement a system which addresses a potential failure before it happens.  Components and ancillary equipment can be procured in a timely fashion, ensuring that you aren’t waiting for a part to turn up before you undertake a task.  Ultimately, this approach means less time away from the operational front line where the revenue is generated.

Where business success is measured in the time it takes to complete a task, CQNet can identify and address any organisational inefficiencies, streamlining the operational process and increasing the overall bottom line.

To learn more about how CQNet can transform your drone operations, download a brochure here.

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