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Drones for Business

Drones for Business

Stephen C. Glaus
Drones for Business

Drones. You’ve heard about them, talked about them, seen them, heard them, and maybe even flown them. At first glance, they look pretty cool. Maybe they’re a bit too loud, but overall, they appear to be rather sophisticated.

So, what do drones actually do?

Sure, most of them come equipped with a camera, but other than taking pictures from an aerial point of view, how are they actually used for business and how can they make you or save you money? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how cool or fun a new tool, app, or technology is – what matters is whether or not those things can help you effectively manage and run your business. Drones for business? It sounds a little silly at first. How could something like a remote-control plane or helicopter add money to your bottom line?

The fact is, drones do more than just fly in circles in the sky. Drones can be used for near limitless applications. The typical use cases that come to mind include: real estate photography, mapping, surveying, agriculture, security, and law enforcement. But drone applicability is really only limited by one’s creativity and imagination. Consider a story told by Randall Warnas. He’s a global UAS segment leader for FLIR, a company specializing in thermal imaging. His favorite and most memorable use-case for thermal imaging involves a client that wanted to use infrared to detect and determine the temperature readings of whale blowholes. Yes, you read that right – whale blowholes. The infrared data on whale blowholes obtained by drones helps marine biologists track and analyze whale health, behavior, and mating patterns.

Randall’s story certainly took me by surprise. If scientists are using drones to track whale blowholes, then certainly there have got to be even more obscure and creative applications to discover and apply.

The first step of building an internal drone program


The best way to identify how drones can be used in your business is to identify problems or inefficiencies that currently exist within your operations. Are there blockages in your sales funnel? Do the cost-to-savings ratio of your logistical management tools make sense? Is there something within your business operations that is detrimental to overall efficiency and profitability? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to innovate and stand out amongst your competition. Whatever the case, identifying these potential issues and opportunities can help you build the framework of an impactful and sustainable internal drone program.

Ask yourself, “How could drones solve these issues?” Maybe you’re unsure about whether drones really are the answer – and that’s okay. Proving the business case for drones means setting realistic and measurable objectives for success. Will using drones be cost effective and will they actually make a meaningful difference, or will they only make your operations more convoluted? Finally, is a drone solution something that will be sustainable and offer long term success?

The success or failure of an internal drone program hinges on the proper laying of a strong foundation. That’s why proving the business case for drones in your organization is so critical. If after a thorough analysis it appears that drones aren’t the answer, then so be it. Perhaps they will be later on, but why waste the time and money on something that won’t be good for your business? On the flip side, if drones offer a tangible and attainable solution for your business, and they prove to be a feasible option – then you can move onto the next step:


At Consortiq – our mission is to help organizations fly drones safely through consultancy, training, and software. We can help you build a sustainable and efficient internal drone business. Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or you’re already know about or are using drones in your operations, we can help maximize the efficiency of drones in your business while also maintaining the highest levels of safety. Call us drone geeks, if you will, but that’s what we are – and we’re not ashamed to admit it, but rather, proud of it!

Do you think drones can help you and your organization? Unsure, but want to learn more? We’d love to start a conversation with you and see where things go! Contact us today at and leave it to the experts of the industry to help you identify and prove the business case for drones!

Stay tuned for the next release to learn how internal buy-in can be achieved!

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