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CQNet New Web Release 1.16

CQNet New Web Release 1.16

Gareth Beverley
CQNet New Web Release 1.16

Yesterday we released a few changes to our award-winning Drone Management Software, CQNet. 

Like any other software, we constantly evolve, update and tweak to offer the best possible drone software out there. 

Yesterday saw the release of a new feature which allows Pilots and Managers to export the currency of their pilots as a CSV file for incorporation in to regulators applications or renewals (i.e. CAA or FAA). This will make the process of re-applying for your PfCO much easier if all your data is stored within CQNet. 

Our Enterprise exclusive Custom Map Layers feature now allows you to preview the new layer in a map window from the edit screen. This is just one of a few updates we have launched with this new release. We’ve also updated the text for the Likelihood and Consequence drop downs in the Risk Assessment system. Manual handling, sunburn, or a slip, trip or fall can no longer result in multiple fatalities! Phew!! 

Screenshot of CQnet

Finally, and most importantly we’ve fixed the issue where Risk Assessments, and Flight Plan Reports could not be saved as PDF attachments

Summary of this release: 

New Features:

Users can now export their pilot currency to a .csv report


  • Map layers can be viewed when editing their metadata.
  • EULA has been updated to include an account inactivity clause.
  • Risk Assessment Likelihood and Consequence text has been updated to reflect best practice. 

Bug Fixes

  • Flight plan reports can now be created.
  • Risk reports can now be created.
CQnet printscreen
Vision of CQNet bug fixes

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