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Consortiq Launches OEM Partnership Program

Consortiq Launches OEM Partnership Program

Ben Keene
Consortiq Launches OEM Partnership Program

Consortiq is looking to partner with some of the leading UAS manufacturers in the industry, to enable the delivery of the latest tech, with global operational support. Consortiq is well established within the industry and is increasingly being recognised as one of a few companies at the forefront for providing a complete UAS orientated ecosystem of products and services, which is why we’re looking to partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to offer a complete solution for our clients.

We are looking for manufacturers who are just as focused on delivering high quality UAS platforms and solutions that understand through a healthy partnership with shared information and resources, we all stand to benefit, as do our clients. With this framework in mind, we launched the Consortiq OEM Partnership Program.

 As an OEM Partner, you will have access to Consortiq’s dedicated resources for CQNet integration, logistics, marketing, support and program management that will enable you to establish a proven track record of OEM project management and solution delivery. Ultimately, by partnering with Consortiq, you will have access to the people and tools needed to help grow your OEM organisation. In addition, your platforms will be listed within Consortiq’s enterprise grade safety management solution, CQNet, which will require a technical evaluation to assess compatibility.

 By working collaboratively throughout all layers within our respective businesses, we can cultivate a successful partnership that solidifies our places in the market as leaders in the ever-emerging drone industry.

 If you manufacture sUAS (0-25kg/ 0-55lb) or UAS (over 25Kg/ 55lb) and have a tried and tested methodology for manufacture, support and delivery logistics along with being a trading organisation for at least 3 years, we invite you to apply here. Multi rotor, single rotor, fixed wing and VTOL hybrid manufacturers are of interest to our customers but we welcome all OEMs to apply. There will be an extensive application process to ensure both parties are receiving the maximum benefit.

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