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What on earth is CAP722?

What on earth is CAP722?

John Gore
What on earth is CAP722?

CAP722 v7.0 | What is CAP722?

Some may be surprised to know that CAP722 was first introduced 17 years ago on 29th May 2002 and is now in it’s seventh iteration. On 30th July 2019 CAP722 v7 was released, receiving its’ first major update since the issuing of v6 in 2015, incorporating recent changes to the Air Navigation Order and expected changes under the much anticipated European Aviation Safety Agency Implementing Regulation 2019/947 for UAS. It’s important to remember that this is a guidance publication and isn’t a change to the regulations (which can be found in the Air Navigation Order, contained within CAP393), but CAP722 does formalise the requirements of the operator and the focus of this update is to prepare the Operations Manuals for the incoming EASA Regulations. 


CAP722, CAP722A and CAP722B | What’s the difference? 

Well, the main change you’ll notice is that what was originally one document (CAP722) has now been broken out in to three separate publications; CAP722, containing guidance and policy for operators; CAP722A, containing the Operating Safety Cases Volume 1 (traditionally known as ‘the Operations Manual’), Volume 2 which contains information relating to UAS standards of systems, and Volume 3 which contains templates and policy for Risk Assessment and Risk Management; and CAP722B which contains information on the responsibilities of the National Qualified Entity (NQE) like Consortiq.


What do I need to do?

If you are UK PfCO holder, it is the responsibility of the Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Operator (formerly Accountable Manager) to ensure that the Operations Manual complies with the template set out in CAP722A and any nominated personnel comply with any updated procedures. If you are one of our candidates we will shortly be contacting you with more specific guidance on your scenario and what advice and resources are available to you. 


I’m not a UAVAir or Consortiq customer, can you help me?

 We recently launched the Consortiq Community to support all operators regardless of which NQE they trained with and the various tiers of subscription includes various different resources ranging from an explainer document, to a revised OM template, to an OM review. For information on our community, please read the blog

If you’d like to subscribe to our community, or have other questions, please contact us on, call us on 0208 0450 322, or subscribe via our online booking tool.

Safe Flying!

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