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Lee Barfoot
Consortiq Community

Since gaining your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) you’re fully aware that you need to ensure that you keep on top of all aspects of your operation. Understanding changes to the Air Navigation Order (ANO), updating your Operations Manual and potentially managing a team are key to ensure a safe and competent operation. Now that the drone has proved itself within your business, to assist with the continued operation UAVAir / Consortiq has decided to offer additional services to help with maintenance of the PfCO. 

Not only will you have regular information sent to you, you will also have the opportunity to discuss on a community with fellow PfCO holders. Check your understanding of a site assessment or ask for assistance, The community will allow you to mix with other like minded individuals. 

We currently offer limited resource and expertise in fulfilling these identified requirements to our alumni and PfCO holders. Having a ‘one-stop-shop’ where ALL holders of a PfCO can come and we will manage and present regulation changes, exemptions to the ANO and encourage community discussions for a small monthly subscription. 

Our current methods include managing a few Facebook Groups and dealing with high levels of email traffic asking for assistance within these areas, we feel this is not the service nor experience we should be offering within this professional industry.

To sign up and select the best subscription for your drone operation, please click HERE.

The following products and services will become available via the Community to all PfCO holders within the UK:

- Community hub

- Continued professional development

- Distribution of updates and technical support

- Changes to the ANO

- Operations Manual template and review

- Workshops and first refusal on events

Our Offering:

Our subscription service which is layered to ensure we can offer every operator a choice, dependant on what level of support they need.


A community forum will allow members to discuss all matters. It will also be the distribution hub for all our updates, newsletters and online training. 


Every month we will publish our newsletter which will be relevant to the drone industry and will showcase companies who use drones.  

ANO Updates:

As and when the CAA updates the ANO, we will share with you the changes first and provide articles to help understand the changes.

Support Articles:

Similarly to the ANO, general exemptions occur regularly, we will produce material which will allow you to understand any exemption that applies to your operation. 

OM Template:

Our template has been approved by the CAA to assist with the completion of an Operations Manual. Whether you are updating to renew or applying for the first time, you will have access to the most up-to-date template.


Throughout the year UAVAir / Consortiq will be hosting a series of workshops around key subject matters in the Drone Industry. You will have priority in reserving a space for free. 

Online Training:

Online content which will allow you to keep current and up-to-date with any changing regulations. It will also allow you to refresh on subjects which you may not have looked at since your initial training.

OM Review:

Each year we will review your operations manual to ensure it is compliant to the latest standards set out by the CAA. 

CQNet Pro: 

You will gain access to our software which is a single portal for managing your drone operation, whether it's tracking maintenance schedules for your expanding fleet or planning your missions safely.

Starter - £15/month (discounted to £7.50/month for the first six months for alumni)

Enhanced - £25/month (discounted to £12.50/month for the first six months for alumni)

Complete - £50/month Min 12 month commitment (discounted to £37.50/month if paying monthly, or £399.98 for the year). 

To put our pricing into perspective our current Operations Manual Review is £299+VAT. 


We hope to welcome you to this unique Community, a first within the drone industry and a welcoming and refreshing stance on supporting this ever changing technology. If you are a candidate of ours  from 1st August 2019, you have access to the Community as part of our UAQ PfCO Course for 12 months. 

To sign up and select the best subscription for your drone operation, please click HERE

We wish you happy and safe flying!

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