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Mary Bargteil
US Finance & Communications Manager

Mary Bargteil

Mary Bargteil

As US Finance and Communications Manager, Mary draws from decades of administrative experience in both profit and non-profit organizations and a concurrent career as a college professor of advanced business writing. From defining and facilitating the implementation of company communication strategies to proposal assistance and professional communication coaching, she empowers the team to achieve desired results and maintain the highest standards for both internal and external exchanges. She also runs internal accounting, ensures that the office space and technology are running smoothly, and when needed, is able to draw from her extensively varied professional background to help team members manage unexpected developments or opportunities. 

In addition to her administrative prowess and first-rate technical and commercial writing skills, Mary brings with her a creative writing background. Having graduated summa cum laude with a M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Publication Arts, her poetry has appeared in  Gargoyle,The Light Ekphrastic, Scribble, Welter, Brown Bag Literary Magazine, Scorched Earth, and Octopus Dreams.
“My first professional position was as an office manager for a start-up computer consulting company in the blossoming days of mainframe consulting. Consortiq is poised that way in UAV integration. Our environment is buzzing with mental adrenaline and creative development. Every day we are reaching. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?”
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