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Construction and inspection is a safety critical environment. UAV operators deploying drone technology in this area need comprehensive training and support. Our engineering specific course is designed to deliver operationally deployable and qualified drone pilots in all infrastructure sectors.

The Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ) training package allows organizations and individuals to increase their productivity and operational safety by integrating online learning, ground school, flight training and assessments.

No UAV experience is necessary, and we give you basic, advanced, and vital scenario training for your sector. We also offer flexibility to use your onsite location for additional cost savings and ease of venue.

Course Structure: 5 days:

  • Ground School days 1 & 2
  • Basic flight training
  • Customized Ground School modules (low level hazards, ground hazards, RAMS, and multi-occupancy work)
  • Advanced flight training (inspection scenarios, urban flight profiles, collision avoidance, flight test maneuvers, working under pressure, data management and delivery)

Scenarios Included:

  • Congested areas
  • Asset inspection
  • Urban flight planning and execution
  • Rapid deployment
  • Operating with other industry professionals

All scenarios are designed to utilize deployment of two operators as part of a comprehensive safety management system.

A UAQ qualification from Consortiq, which is designed to help you prepare for the FAA Aeronautical Test for your Part 107.
“I recently attended a Drone Flight Essentials course with Consortiq, the course included about 4 hours as Remote Pilot In Command and 4 hours as a Visual Observer. Lots of ATTI (Attitude mode) practice which gave me confidence to fly without GPS. I also learned to use Sport Mode to help with high winds at aloft. All good exercises which I will use to practice on my own. For example, precision flying over cones, flying circles, smooth descent from 140 feet. Plus emergency drills, like disconnecting the tablet and getting the drone back. All the things that are better to learn in a controlled environment with a very experienced pilot.”
Tulinda Larsen, Owner and CEO

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