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Emergency6, the UAV course for Emergency Services

Emergency6 was designed to satisfy a gap in the market for UAV training to the emergency services that recognized the way emergency services operate and integrate drones for emergency services.

Emergency6 was developed collaboratively by leveraging internal experience of using UAVs in many emergency services operations including Police, Fire, and Search and Rescue (SAR), along with Consortiq’s wider expertise in the commercial drone industry.

Training starts with remote learning, simulator, and practical skills, before moving to the theoretical ground school and then into the advanced skills stage. This stage simulates actual incidents and reinforces flight fundamentals and maintains safe deployment.

Comprehensive FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test Preparation

Emergency6 is built around Consortiq’s FAA Part 107 Essentials Course, the course designed to prepare you for your FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. The UAQ gives an in-depth knowledge of aviation regulation, principles of flight, risk management, flight planning, and much more.

Flexible Dates & Locations

Consortiq is extremely aware of the budget constraints within emergency services. Therefore, the course is designed to be delivered at your venue, and we’re happy to offer dates that will best suit your team. In fact, this facilitates ongoing training, because the scenarios are custom designed to support your location and requirements.

All Services Welcome

No flight experience or prior knowledge of drones is required. Our trainers bring considerable expertise from the worlds of both drone operations and emergency services and the training is built around their real-world knowledge.

We welcome all emergency service teams including Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Coast Guard/Shoreline Rescue. 

Safety at the Forefront

Safety is always at the center of our training courses. All Emergency6 training scenarios are delivered by operational emergency services staff with experience of UAV incident operations. From start to finish, both practical and theoretical, safety will be embedded in your training. 

Why choose Consortiq's Emergency6?

A key element of the E6 process is the fact that it provides an on-going maintenance of competency, this can be incorporated within Consortiq’s own CQNet Operations and Safety Management System as well as being utilized in Emergency Services proprietary training & availability systems.

Emergency6 is set apart by Consortiq’s accurate understanding of the needs of the emergency services and the ability to provide not only the drone training but an ongoing system that fits into the services operation.

In addition, Consortiq was recognized as #1 in Training and Education by the AUVSI "Xcellence" Award 2018. 

Our courses are designed to prepare you for your FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test.
“ “During Drone Flight Essentials, John imparted some truly valuable insights based on his own extensive operational experience. I learned a lot during the course and feel much more confident in my practical understanding of how to safely operate drones now.””
Daniel Levine, Owner and CEO

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