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Part 107 Drone Training Plus

Many organizations are now realizing the benefits of using drones within their business. Whether they're capturing aerial stills, video, thermal or infrared data they are using data to make business and safety critical decisions quicker and cheaper. Drones are no longer a tool of the future, today they are being actively used by construction, mining, energy, infrastructure and first responders. They are just another tool in the toolbox that an organization can use to make more informed decisions.

Driving Business Change

Drones are a serious tool and have the potential to cause harm if not given the respect they deserve. Complying with FAA Part 107 regulations and insurance requirements can be quite daunting for the typical drone user from a non-aviation background. Perhaps you're the innovative individual who is driving business change in your organization; you're not sure where to start but know you want to do it 'the right way.' Getting it wrong could expose you, your team, or your organization to legal and financial risk.

Drones don't need to be complicated.

Our courses cover everything you need to successfully set you and your team up as safe and responsible drone operators. Whether you have one drone or a fleet, becoming an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot is the first legal requirement. Consortiq provides the first step with the FAA Part 107 Plus held at locations across the USA or at your facility.

Our training courses have been developed by professional aviators with current sUAS experience in some of the most complex and high profile drone missions. We've trained thousands of pilots and continually refined our course over many years. We've developed standards for the AUVSI TOP (Trusted Operator Program) and delivered our courses globally in the USA, Africa, and the United Kingdom. You'll also get a limited time free access to our award winning drone fleet and mission management software (CQNet) to help you continue to be a safe, professional drone operator.

Industry Leader - #1 Xcellence Award

Consortiq was recognized as #1 in Training and Education by AUVSI Xcellence Awards at the Xponential Conference. The Part 107 Essentials Plus drone training course from Consortiq is industry-leading. Our instructors are highly experienced civilian commercial operators, and many were involved in the design and development of the courses. As former military and civilian, rotary and fixed wing, manned and remote pilots and former air traffic controllers, they ensure that the training is up-to-date and relevant, satisfying not just the requirements but also preparing graduates for their first job as a commercial drone operator. This Part 107 course takes place over two days and will fully prepare you to take your Part 107 Aeronautical Exam with the FAA.

Two Day Ground School

The Ground School consists of two days of classroom learning. This will be facilitated by two instructors, one with a primary background in manned aviation and one from a drone operational background who is currently working in the industry at the highest levels. This combined experience is unique to Consortiq and ensures you receive the best instruction available to help you gain your Part 107 certificate.

The emphasis during this stage is practical application through case studies and discussion. We will see how the theoretical knowledge is applied to the real-world operations you will be carrying out on a daily basis.

Through a series of Flight Planning exercises, we will bring together all the theoretical elements to ensure that a good understanding of how they work ‘in the field.’ 

Course Syllabus

  • Welcome Material 
  • Regulations, Limitations, and Certifications 
  • Airspace, Charts, and Navigation 
  • Weather
  • Principles of Flight and Performance 
  • sUAS Components and Maintenance 
  • Human Factors
  • Risk Management
  • Flight Operations and Flight Planning
  • Part 107 Practice Exam
  • Supplementary Material (insurance, registration, and instructions on booking the exam)

Required Materials

  • Laptop, iPad, or another device with internet browsing capabilities
  • sUAS Operations Essentials textbook (digital and hard copies provided at no additional cost prior to the course)

Register Now for Part 107 Plus

Registering for the Part 107 Essentials Ground School course is quick and easy. Find out more and request an accurate quote here or contact .

There are no restrictions on attending one of our courses, however the following requirements must be met and maintained by a person applying for the Remote Pilot Certificate:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Be in a physical and mental condition that would not interfere with the safe operation of a sUAS
  • Pass the initial aeronautical knowledge test
  • Have a successful background security check by the TSA
This course is designed to prepare you for the FAA Part 107 exam. Students must book and take the exam separately at an official FAA test center.

Please complete the form below to ask any questions or request a call back from a member of our team.

“I recently attended a Drone Flight Essentials course with Consortiq, the course included about 4 hours as Remote Pilot In Command and 4 hours as a Visual Observer. Lots of ATTI (Attitude mode) practice which gave me confidence to fly without GPS. I also learned to use Sport Mode to help with high winds at aloft. All good exercises which I will use to practice on my own. For example, precision flying over cones, flying circles, smooth descent from 140 feet. Plus emergency drills, like disconnecting the tablet and getting the drone back. All the things that are better to learn in a controlled environment with a very experienced pilot.”
Tulinda Larsen, Owner and CEO

Consortiq regularly runs courses in Charlotte, North Carolina and Annapolis, Maryland, or if you are an enterprise client with three or more students, we will come to your location. Find out more and request an accurate quote here or contact 

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