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Our "Train the Trainer" course includes the Part 107 Essentials and Drone Flight Essentials courses that prepares UAV remote pilots for the FAA Part 107 Certification test and teaches them to fly in GPS and ATTI mode safely. In addition, the course provides a template for customization for the client's environment and consultation aligned with FAA requirements and the AUVSI Trusted Operator Program.


Consortiq takes knowledge from training over 1,000 drone pilots including police, fire, government, media, energy, oil and gas, using the Consortiq Unmanned Aerial Qualification (UAQ) training program. We’re now giving organizations the ability to leverage our experience to train and manage their own drone pilots in-house. We provide the materials, structure and understanding to deliver our Part 107 Essentials Plus and Drone Flight Essentials courses. Your organization can then take these courses to run these training classes internally or externally. This program can save your organization time and money by scaling sUAS internal operations at the pace you need or providing training outside of your organization.


  • Prepare to be trainers to deliver Consortiq training
  • Understand course materials
  • Understand course schedule
  • Deliver theory modules
  • Understand practice tests
  • Understand flight assessment


This course is designed for organizations looking to bring training in-house or to deliver external training. Students are required to have already passed the Remote Pilot Knowledge / FAA Part 107 Test. Practical sUAS flying skills to pass Consortiq’s UAQ Flight Assessment. The ability to deliver Consortiq’s Part 107 Essentials Plus and Drone Flight Essentials courses. A general understanding of training delivery is recommended.


  1. Laptop, iPad, or other device with internet browsing capabilities
  2. UAS [drone]
  3. 2 batteries minimum (3 recommended) and charging equipment
  4. For reference: Part 107 Essentials textbook (digital and hard copies provided)
Drone Pilots who are qualified to deliver Consortiq's training, which satisfies not only the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, but goes further to fulfill the more rigorous UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements. Upon successful completion, trainer receives an Unmanned Aerial Qualification (UAQ) certificate.
“I recently attended a Drone Flight Essentials course with Consortiq, the course included about 4 hours as Remote Pilot In Command and 4 hours as a Visual Observer. Lots of ATTI (Attitude mode) practice which gave me confidence to fly without GPS. I also learned to use Sport Mode to help with high winds at aloft. All good exercises which I will use to practice on my own. For example, precision flying over cones, flying circles, smooth descent from 140 feet. Plus emergency drills, like disconnecting the tablet and getting the drone back. All the things that are better to learn in a controlled environment with a very experienced pilot.”
Tulinda Larsen, Owner and CEO

Contact Ben Snyder for more information on the Train the Trainer Program

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