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CQNet Frequently Asked Questions

Is CQNet a drone logbook?

Although CQNet will cover the same requirements of a logbook, there is considerably more functionality specifically aimed at the professional and enterprise user. For instance, this includes mission planning, fleet management, safety and compliance management, and risk reduction.

Which devices is CQNet compatible with?

CQNet is a cloud based platform that works on mobiles, laptops and tablets. It is designed for both IOS and Android and also has an offline mode.

Does it need mobile/cellular or wifi coverage?

As a cloud based software as a service, internet connectivity is required for certain functionality and real time data integration. However, there is an offline mode and post flight integration capability to ensure safe operations without internet access.

How many users do I need?

This is down to each organisation but we would recommend one additional user for each operator or drone pilot. This covers additional stakeholders such as mission control, fleet management, health and safety, and administrator access.

Is there a data limit?

There is no flight or data limit.

What does it cost?

CQNet is charged on a per user basis. You can obtain an instant quote via our quote request form.

Are there any additional costs?

No, once you have paid for your subscription and any setup costs, there are no additional charges for extra data feeds.

Is CQNet platform agnostic?

Yes, CQNet supports all drone systems.

Can I get access to CQNet?

Not anymore, we've made the decision to close CQNet down on 30th April. If you're not already a user, you can't get access. If you're already a user you have read-only access till the 30th April to download your details from the system.
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