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The future of drone technology is exciting and will introduce services that may have not have even been imagined yet. Large aircraft capable of carrying people and cargo autonomously, sUAS carrying small packages for major web retailers and fixed wing platforms capable of undertaking long range surveillance for security purposes. These applications are projected to revolutionize policing, passenger transport, last-mile deliveries and/or border patrol, Media capabilities to name a few.

However, sUAS technology is already revolutionizing many engineering, surveying, police and fire departments by helping remove humans from dangerous situations

Identifying how your organization wishes to be part of, and drive, the change rather than follow could be how you gain a competitive advantage. Consortiq can help develop your technology roadmap and be subject matter experts on developments both at home and abroad.

Drone Technology is moving at an incredible speed, and whether you intend to be an early adopter or not, determining how this technology can be incorporated into your organization, with an element of ‘future proofing’, is complex. The process of implementing complex solutions is multi-layered and requires multi-level approvals.

While the future of drone legislation is currently being discussed at a high level by government and regulators, there are many innovative organizations with strategic plans in place to develop technology with capabilities well outside of current legislation. Aviation regulators are moving from prescriptive-based towards more performance-based regulations. This means the future technology and services will no longer be restricted by existing legislation but by an ability to demonstrate safety performance. Understanding now where you want to be in five, ten, fifteen years will be essential in building an effective strategy from the ground up, and creating that performance pedigree on which future capabilities can be leveraged.

If you’re in a strategic role or looking to drive transformative change through the adoption of UAS in your organization, we’d love to talk to you. You can contact one of our experts by emailing  

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