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Introducing drone technology to your organization can be a great way to achieve time, resource and cost savings within existing processes. Reducing costs, maximizing resources and eliminating exposure to hazardous environments. For example, UAS can negate the need for expensive scaffolding, reducing hire time for elevating platforms or completely eradicate the need for ancillary equipment when undertaking roof inspections. Alternatively, drone technology could help inspect infrastructure in scenarios where it would be deemed unsafe to send a human, such as live railways, flare stacks or contaminated environments. 

The first step for many organizations is to develop a proof of concept using one entry level aircraft and one pilot. This is a great way to demonstrate capabilities internally, promoting the use and helping to champion adoption of the technology. It is worth considering that the complexity of such operations increases as more pilots and aircraft are introduced. This needn’t be a barrier to utilizing the technology, but a robust system should be put in place for mission, pilot and aircraft management so that resource savings are not cannibalized by an increasing administrative burden.

Consortiq can assist by automating the input and management of flight operations data allowing an organization to concentrate on improving safety and acting upon the results. This will allow any organization to mitigate the associated complexity while also facilitating the collection of data that could help to support waivers, exemptions or to demonstrate to regulators or insurance companies that appropriate systems are in place.

Introducing new technology can also be a daunting time for employees who may be fearful that drone adoption could eliminate jobs. We like to think in terms of a holistic solution that involves educating the entire company on current day use as well as plans for UAS in future and the additional opportunities it could create. Buy-in and acceptance from existing employees is part of the solution and Consortiq are well versed in helping promote drone technology. This could involve a range of change-management activity from 60 minute seminars for senior managers, to whole-day workshops for key stakeholders.

No matter which direction is deemed the correct route for your organization, our fundamental principle focuses on setting the foundations for a tailored yet robust, future-proof, technology roadmap to help your organization realize the benefits of drone technology in a safe and responsible manner, help you to achieve return on investment and distinct competitive advantage.

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