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Finance & IT Procurement

Investing in any technology is large step for any organization. 

Appropriate time should always be allowed to plan and ensure the project is tackled with the problem, business objective and end-use in mind. Budget will always be an important consideration for any innovation project and the constraints of a budget-led solution are acceptable if highlighted correctly to all project stakeholders.

Why consider investing in UAS?

There is an aircraft and sensor combination to suit most problems, however, organizations should define their requirements clearly in terms of use-case, concept of operations and budget before committing valuable resources. We are still surprised to hear stories of large, respected organizations who have bought a platform, only to later realize they may not be suitable in all-weather conditions or that the platform lacks appropriate in-country support.

Crashing aircraft is an expensive and risky way to learn the hard-way the pitfalls of introducing drone technology. Building appropriate training and consultancy into your project will ensure you deliver the anticipated results cheaper, faster and more efficiently.

Procuring new technology is also a daunting step. It really can be a case of “you don’t know, what you don’t know” and a specific manufacturer will naturally encourage you that their platform is the best on the market. Geolocation restrictions, weather-resistance, battery cost, endurance, range, sensor capabilities and costs are all things that should be considered as part of the process. We like to remain platform agnostic, selecting the right tool for the right job, while still developing strong working relationships with the key manufacturers and retailers so that we can ensure preferred pricing and turnaround times. This allows us to highlight the platforms and sensors which may best suit your requirements, and we can even liaise directly with the manufacturer on your behalf.

Ultimately, it should be remembered that the drone is merely a tool to carry a sensor. The sensor will collect vast amount of data that needs to be processed in order to become actionable, usable information. This will generally require additional software and associated license costs. Our expert consultants will ensure this is factored in to the whole solution design.

UAV’s can typically generate more data in a lunchtime, than a traditional surveyor with standard equipment could collect in a lifetime. That data will require uploading, storing, downloading, manipulating and presenting to the end-user. These all place demands on local and cloud IT infrastructure which should also be considered.

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