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Nathan Reim

Nathan Reim

Nathan Reim

Instructor brings 10+ years of unmanned aviation experience to the Consortiq team, having worked in unmanned research, sensor development, military sUAS/UAV integration as well as commercial sUAS operations for several high profile UAV companies, Operating a wide variety of fixed wing, rotorcraft, and multirotor UAV systems.  Prior to becoming a UAV operator, Nathan was a forward observer with the U.S. Army’s 10 th Mountain Division. Nathan holds an FAA-authorized Remote Pilot Certificate with sUAS rating (“Part 107 Certificate”) as well as an FAA Light Sport Pilot Certificate.
“UAVs have many different applications and Consortiq recognizes that drawing on specific experience within relevant industry sectors provides the greatest understanding and most appropriate solutions. In providing the right ecosystem for the specific application and not following a one size fits all approach, Consortiq recognizes that implementation and utilization of UAVs are not generic across all sectors.”
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