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Ben Keene
Chief Development Officer

Ben Keene

Ben Keene

Ben doesn’t need his name in lights – he’s happy just sharing some of his outstanding expertise with the next generation of drone pilots. 

He is one of the UK’s most experienced commercial drone operators and currently works with some of the biggest names in TV and film, helping them to get those breathtaking shots. Some of his credits include stellar series Downton Abbey and the 2016 blockbuster hit, London Has Fallen

Ben has a real passion for the industry and isn’t afraid to make ground-breaking moves. He has overseen many flights in some of the most complex and congested parts of London, coordinating permissions that have been seen as a world-first. He has also sat as a committee member of the UK drone trade industry association ARPAS-UK and continues to take an active role in shaping the future direction of the industry.
“I love the challenge of a new business frontier. It's exciting when you know you are actively helping to shape a brand new industry, and the emerging market of unmanned aviation is one of the newest! By collaborating, sharing ideas, and sometimes failing, we create new spaces and technologies that will expand and grow the business. Consortiq is on the bleeding edge of the market and with our highly experienced team, we can help to stimulate and forge a healthy and prosperous future.”
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